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We offer support and information to those working with dogs in industry and science, promoting the use of evidence-based methods of improving welfare. The tools we develop are designed to be practical for use in the research environment. If you would like to find out more about employing our tools in your facility, please send us an email to find out more. We can also provide support on implenting evidence-based changes to housing, enrichment and training.

We provide our video and image resources freely to support the implementation of Refinements to dog use. You are welcome to reproduce these images (credited to Refining Dog Care) and videos may be streamed for use in presentations. If you would like access to anything which is not freely downloadable from the website, please email us to enquire.

If you have made use of the resources on this website, please let us know by filling in our anonymous survey to let us know how you have used the website and what content you would like to see added.

Copies of our printed materials, including guides to behaviour and training, can be ordered by emailing or by downloading directly from the Resources tab.