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play and exercise areas



Most legislation and guides on the care of laboratory-housed dogs recommend that dogs have regular access to exercise. Dedicated indoor and outdoor areas have the benefit of of providing dogs with a novel environment which is separate from the home pen where they can access enrichment items which aren't available in the home pen. Exercising dogs away from the home pen also prevents stress in dogs which aren't being exercised, which is common when dogs are exercised directly in front of the home pen.

You can see examples of enrichment items for play areas here.


Indoor play areas


Items which can be climbed on or climbing frames can make play areas interesting
  Cardboard boxes are cheap but very effective enrichment item
Bedding can act as a foraging substrate in which toys can be hidden Dogs enjoy staff presence in play areas  


outdoor play areas


Outdoor play areas introduce a variety of smells and textures not found indoors A different range of equipment and items can be provided to encourage exercise and exploration
Outdoor play areas can be sectioned to allow multiple groups of dogs to exercise simultaneously Staff presence can encourage play and positive interactions




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