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Environmental enrichment


Examples of effective enrichment for laboratory-housed dogs


Enrichment in the home pen


Items such as bedding and ledges are not considered to be environmental enrichment. Information on these can be found in the home pen information page.


The most common forms of home pen enrichment are commercially-available chew toys. Providing a variety of chew toys which are rotated regularly provides novelty and prevents dogs becoming habituated to toys.


A cloth dog toy A selection of suitable dog toys Chewable or textured toys are often the most interesting to dogs
Feeding toys such as Kongs and Kong Stuff-a-balls can be filled with regular diet, treats or paste, and provide another effective type of enrichment Once empty, the feeding toys often continue to interest dogs and encourage them to interact Feeding toys can often be introduced to socially-housed dogs without problems



Enrichment for exercise periods




Separate information is available on exercise and play areas here.


Interaction with staff during exercise times greatly increases the benefit to the dogs Climbing frames or platforms introduce novelty Cardboard boxes or bedding are a cheap, yet effective enrichment during exercise periods. It can be chewed and dragged, making it a favourite item for dogs
Outdoor exercise areas introduce constantly a changing environment Additional play equipment can be provided to encourage exercise Changing weather and smells mean outdoor play areas retain their novelty





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