Refining Dog Care resource use and feedback survey

Thank you for participating in this short survey, which should only take a few minutes to complete. Your feedback is important to us. We will use this information to identify areas of improvement for the Refining Dog Care website. All responses to the survey are anonymous. 

If you have any questions, please use the email link at the end of this survey. All communications will be treated in confidence.


There are 6 questions in this survey.

* Have you completed this survey previously?
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How do you intend to use the information from this website?

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*  What changes have you made to policy or practice based on the information/resources in this website? (e.g. improved restraint, refined oral gavage dosing, started positive reinforcement training)

What information or resources would you like to see added to this website? (e.g. background information, resources on training for specific procedures)

Do you have any other comments or feedback on the website? If you have any suggestions for improvements, please provide feedback here.